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Angkor Borei Project February 27, 2007

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On Saturday 21 January 2007, VWB together with other volunteers took a trip to Angkor Borei in Takeo Province to deliver stationeries to 550 students and 15 teachers from 4 primary schools: Kok Thlok Primary School, Bak Day Primary School, Tuol Putrea Primary School, and Prek Taphor Primary School.


In late 2004, a group of 8 graduates in Phnom Penh, had a short visit to Angkor Borei, and we met children living along the Angkor Borei River, of Angkor Borei district. Their communities were flooded every year as the area lays out in the lower land of Mekong Delta, and this condition has defined the children’s study period of only 6 month-long for an academic year (from January to June) while the general study period is 9 month-long per academic year.
Since 2004, with donation as stationery and fund from university students, and local/international generous donors, we has conducted 4 series of program within the last two years, and helped support 540 children and 15 teachers of the above 4 primary schools for they were in need of help and lack of support. The average fund for the individual child was 2500 Riel (about 0.65USD).


This support is a motivation to share our love, care and support for the needed children in order to:
1). Bridging the gaps of rural and urban connection
2). Imposing the heart of volunteerism and solidarity in the name of human being
3). Bringing light of hope and direction for rural children through the interaction with senior people, undergraduate and graduate students.
4). Learning to care for the beloved human being through sharing of time and labors.

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Paper Collection and Fund Raising Report 2006 February 8, 2007

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In June 2006, VWB’s volunteers conducted a paper collection project, which all volunteers wrote a proposal letter requesting to various organizations, institutions and embassies for thrown away paper in order to raise fund to conduct the Clean Teeth Program for two times in Kruorsa Thmey Orphanage Centre. In December 2006 our volunteers had a fundraising project that they raised fund for friends, students, organizations and other institutions. The money raised added by the money left from the Clean Teeth Program was spent on buying necessary stationeries for 532 poor students at Cham Bok 1 and 2 primary school in Kompong Speu province. Download Full Report

Fundraising and Stationery Delivery Project February 8, 2007

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With the fund received from the fundraising project, on 31 December 2006 VWB’s volunteers conducted a Stationery Delivery Project to 532 students from two primary schools: Chambok 1 and 2, which are located in Phnom Sruoch district, Kompong Speu province. The stationeries for students included books, pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, boards, rulers and chalks, and for the schools there were two black boards, 3 packages of cements and wires for making vegetable fields in the schools. Since the fund raised was limited, VWB was not yet able to buy tables and chairs for the students in Cham Bok 2 primary school. Thus, the students will continue studying by sitting on the leaves.

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A Visit to Chambok Primary School, Kompong Speu Province September 11, 2006

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On Sunday 10 September 2006, Volunteers of Volunteers Without Borders (VWB) paid a visit to Chambok primary school located in Kompong Speu Province to see the conditions of the school if there is anything we can help with. We also took the chance to visit the falls near by and had our lunch there.

Volunteers walking into the school

Inside the classroom

Our volunteers asking for information from the school’s principals and teachers

Group photo

Another class located on the top of the hill and this class is in a much more terrible condition compared to the previous campus.

Another group photo

On the way to the falls

Down at the waste of the mountain, villagers were practicing the traditional dance

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Alumni Activities: Kalyan and Lux at the Personal Information Technology Workshop September 5, 2006

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Kalyan and Lux, also known as Cambodian bloggers, have been involving in a workshop on Personal Information Technology conducted at various universities in Phnom Penh. The purpose of the workshop is to help students be more aware of the advantages of Internet for personal use and especially to enhance their knowledge in creating blogs so that there will be more Cambodian blogs. So far the workshop has been conducted at the International University and at Pannassastra Univesity of Cambodia with great success.

at International University

At Pannassastra University of Cambodia

Clean Teeth Program at Krousa Thmey Phsar Depo September 4, 2006

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On Sunday 03 September 2006, Volunteers Without Borders and its volunteers conducted the second clean teeth program at Krousar Thmey centre near Depo market. There were 35 kids residing  at that place. Our volunteers had a lot of fun playing games  and teaching those kids how to clean their teeth correctly according to the dentist’s advice.

Clean Teeth Program August 17, 2006

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On Sunday 13 August 2006 Volunteers Without Borders (VWB) and its volunteers went to Krousa Thmey Center, located near Yukunthor high school, to conduct the clean teeth program for the second time.

Meeting for Clean Teeth Project August 12, 2006

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 On Sunday 6 August 2006, Volunteers Without Borders (VWB) had a meeting with its volunteers for the clean teeth program at the orphanage center.

Selling Paper July 31, 2006

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On Sunday 30 July 2006 VWB and its volunteers sold the paper collected from various organizations for the past two weeks. Totally we sold all the paper for around US$87. It is such a great achievement.

volunteers arranging the paper of different types so that it's easy to sell

Paper collected

Paper Collection 2: Second Meeting at RUPP July 17, 2006

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On  Sunday  16 July 2006,  VWB  had  the second meeting with volunteers for  the 2nd Paper Collection. We gathered at a park in front of  RUPP main building.  During the meeting we shared the tasks, who will be collecting  paper from which  places .